Software Engineer on Pros and Cons of Working at Home and Enlarging Skill Set During Coronavirus

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Roger Diller, a software engineer has worked both remotely and from the office. With the coronavirus shutdowns, Roger has moved his work back home and talks about the adjustments, including the pros and cons.

Roger is the VP of Engineering for Flex Rental Solutions providing audio / visual equipment and support for live events. The current restrictions and risks posed by the COVID-19 virus have had an impact on events and the need for these services. Roger and his colleagues are using time to look ahead and talk about new initiatives.

Meanwhile Roger is expanding his own skill set as he sets up and manages the live streaming of services for his church. He is excited about the open source OBS software to deliver streaming services and talks about how the technical set up can be done with devices and gadgets most of us have in our homes.

I was using work as a coping skill in the early weeks - it was distraction for the brain, but I discovered that wasn't sustainable. Eventually had to set boundaries and have some sort of schedule. Now lately getting outside and doing some around the house projects. – Roger Diller

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