Together-ing Podcast Format

This is a conversation, not an interview

Relax. If I were to do an interview, I would be nervous too. This is a conversation between me and my online community—you.

We all have professions and experiences that will give us a unique point of view that will come through in a conversation. But, this is not about your professional input. It is about community and connecting on a personal level.


I will give a standard welcome to the podcast and a general introduction to you. Help me with the details by filling out the Guest Bio.

I will ask a question to get the conversation started.

How are you?

Because this podcast was developed to meet a need presented by a global health crisis, we will talk first about how you are doing generally.

What was your normal day before Covid-19?

You can answer by describing a routine, a profession, or ways your life was normal.

What is life like in the middle of this pandemic?

This will be the largest part of the conversation. We want to know how the crisis has changed your life and how you are coping.

I will ask you about your biggest challenge and concerns. Be real. Your honesty will connect you in a more helpful and intimate way others—your new and growing online community.

What is your insight, coping skill or contribution you can share to help and encourage others?

  • Here is where your experience and profession will play a big role.
  • This is the most important part of the conversation as we seek to build a positive community experience in this current situation.

Wrap it up

This should have taken only 10-15 minutes and you will be surprised about how natural it will feel to have a conversation and just talk about what is important to all of us right now.

You may have inspired or encouraged a new friend. I will ask you how others can contact you and share that information.

Take a few minutes to fill out a Guest Bio so that information is available.

A moment of silence

At the end of most podcasts is a Call-to-Action. We won't be asking our viewers to buy anything.

Instead we will close with a moment of silence for meditation and reflection on your specific situation and concern for our fellow humans as we cope as a worldwide community during this sobering time.

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